About Epoxy.js

Two Components, One Tough Bond

Epoxy is an elegant and extensible data binding library for Backbone.js; it provides feature-rich extensions of Backbone's Model and View components designed to hook view elements directly to data models. Epoxy captures some great aspects of Knockout.js and Ember.js in a familiar API that feels tastefully like Backbone, with minimal additional file size (9k min, 2k gzip). Some key features in Epoxy include:

Epoxy builds on jQuery+Backbone and works where they work: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari, Chrome. Also works with Zepto and Lo-Dash.

Customize It

Simply extend your project from Epoxy components (or mix them in) and you're up and running. Epoxy provides basic binding features for common tasks, and an architecture that enables developers to compose their own custom binding hooks for everything else.

Projects using

Use as Little as You Need

While Epoxy's Model and View components are designed to enhance one another's capabilities, they do not depend on each other to operate, nor do they conflict with native Backbone operations. Therefore, you're welcome to mix-and-match between Epoxy components and native Backbone components, using as little or as much Epoxy enhancement as you'd like.